Currently celebrating its 79th year of operation, The Shanty is a great piece of Tucson history. With one of the widest selections of imported beers in town, the bar provides a unique experience for the drinking enthusiast. St. Patrick’s Day is quite the event here for fans of Irish pubs. A quaint smoking patio and plenty of pool tables are available to help you settle into a night of fun with friends.

Drop by on your birthday and receive a free Shanty t-shirt with your drink purchase. (*Offer valid Sundays-Thursdays only at this time. Please check with staff for shirt and size availability.) Other merchandise is available for purchase, including mugs, hats and visors.

All guests of The Shanty must be 21 years of age. A valid driver’s license, state identification card, military identification or passport with proof of age is required for entrance. Temporary “paper” identifications are not accepted as proof of identity. All identification forms must be current, legible and free from disqualifying marks. We reserve to reject any identification that is not in compliance with Department of Liquor standards.


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